Restaurant with Outdoor Seating

When searching for a restaurant near me that offers “outdoor seating,” The Etna Rosso is your spot!

Currently we have 18 seats available over three out door seating areas:

  1. A table for two people on the patio on the left of the entrance.
  2. A table for six people on the patio on the right of the entrance.
  3. A large table under the umbrella that can fit up to 6 people and a small table that can fit 4 people.

“Our indoor tables are socially distanced 6 feet from each other, customers are subject to temperature screening when entering the premises. All employees  wear masks and regularly sanitize all areas.”

When booking a table add a note in the reservation requesting outdoor seating.


chicken_marsalaMeat Dishes

Chicken Marsala

Two slices of tender chicken escalopes cooked in a creamy Marsala wine sauce and mushrooms, served over your choice of homemade pasta.