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The Etna Rosso is The Bake Bar New Name.

The Bake Bar Ristorante new name is now “The Etna Rosso.” Located at 3354 N Ocean Blvd Ft lauderdale

Restaurant with Outdoor Seating

When searching for a restaurant near me that offers “outdoor seating,” The Etna Rosso is your spot! Currently we have 18 seats available over three out door seating areas: A table for two people on the patio on the left of the entrance. A table for…

COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines

At The Etna Rosso we follow all of the CDC guidelines applicable to our restaurant.  

Vegan & Vegetarian & Gluten Free Dishes

At The Etna Rosso we also have Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten free options. Below some of the dishes we serve.

Parking Options at The Etna Rosso

Parking for The Etna Rosso is available immediately in front of the business and on the side in front of Galt Ocean Realty. When the spots in the front are taken we invite you to drive to the back of the business complex and park in…


This is a very difficult time for small businesses. We are trying not to increase our prices and not to add any COVID-19 surcharges to your bill. We are not asking you to donate any money.  We are asking to invest your time to let other…

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